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  • French Colonies Stamp Collection In Scott Int'l Album With Est. 5,100 Or So
  • Bj Stamps France, 1849-1993, In Scott Album, Mixed Mnh, Mint & Used.'17 $2297
  • Bj Stamps France, 1850-1977, In Scott Album, Mnh, Mint &used.'17 Scott $2431
  • French France Colonies Aef Aof Mh / Mnh 1937-1958 Moc Album Stamp Collection
  • France Accumulation Mnh Cv$18400.00 1960-1999 Wholesale In 4 Albums
  • France & Areas Nice Old Yvert Album Well Filled Collection Look /cu735
  • Bj Stamps France, 1849-1959, In Schaubek Album, Mint Or Used.'17 Scott $3546
  • France, Lifetime Stamp Collection/accumulation In Albums & Others, Many Better
  • France Stamp Collection In Scott Int'l Album With 2k Or So Stamps Good Mint
  • France(-1944), Superb Stamp Collection In A Lighthouse Hingeless Album